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1. To further strengthen the pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, the 24-hour service, ahead of service, all process service, life-long service, carry out the product manufacturing, installation, commissioning, overhaul in the whole process to ensure that the factory products meet the appropriate standards or contracts required technical requirements, and ensure the factory products qualified rate reach 100%. 

2. For the key projects supporting equipment and products to ensure that according to the contract requirements: quality and quantity, means the exact delivery. For need the technical services will send the professional and technical service person to attaned open the box acceptance and guidance installation, commissioning work until the equipment is normal Running.   

3. Received a user request to solve the product problems during the application. we will reply within 3 hours; for on-site service, in 36 hours rushed to the scene to serve; special areas or traffic inconvenience areas ensure that within 72 hours to reach the scene. and do not solve the problem, the service staff do not evacuate. For overseas area will follow-up specific circumstances of communication with customer. 

4. If the user needs technical training, the company will help users to train the operation, maintenance, repair and other related personnel, and key users to visit, quality tracking. 

5. Regular user forums, and the user letter, calls, visits and other information, in a timely manner to do the delivery, analysis, processing, feedback etc work, and in accordance with user needs to improve product performance, and continuously improve product quality. 

6. Meet Client requires for spare parts prepare requirements at any time .