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YALU ELECTRIC Christmas&New Year Sales Promotions

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YALU ELECTRIC Christmas&New Year Sales Promotions


Yalu client place order at the first month(24th DEC.,2016~24th JAN.,2017) can get surprise gift.


Order Amount

Gift Value

If buy will have gift

Suprise Gift



$40area Gift

 yalu gift infrared thermometer   yalu gift-desk decoration yalu gift 

1. Infrared thermometer                                  2. love foerver                                            3.dancing girl                                                    4. dancing girl       

 YALU GIFT Yalu gift parlor decoration  China gift parlor decoration  Yalu Gift Deer head candlestick  

 5. Desktop Decoration                                            6. parlor decoration                                       7. parlor decoration                               8. Deer head candlestick     

 YALU GIFT  YALU GIFT- Alloy Bronze Terracotta Warrior Gifts YALU GIFT Shakespeare

9. Peace apple                                                   10. Love                                                         11. Alloy Bronze Terracotta Warrior Gifts                   12.Shakespeare .

yalu gift Angel Candlestick  parlor decoration   yalu gift Intelligent massage shawl  yalu gift Souvenirs car

13. Angel Candlestick                           14.parlor decoration                             15. Intelligent massage shawl                 16. Souvenirs car

china gift Golden bowl  yalu gift Children piggy bank with lock

17. Golden bowl                                        18. Children piggy bank with lock


$200area Gift

 yalu gift bedside decoration  Pure brass Pen holder decoration yalu gift Good luck 22 USA type vase

19. bedside decoration                          20 Pure brass Pen holder decoration               21 Good luck                           22 USA type vase

yalu gift Omron Asthma atomizer  yalu gift Omron blood pressure Brass crane Good luck

23.Omron Asthma atomizer             24.Omron blood pressure      25.Brass crane                           26. Good luck

Wishful Chinese red vase yalu gift Wishful Chinese red vase Brass cow yalu gift Foot machine

27. Wishful Chinese red vase       28.Wishful Chinese red vase     29.Brass cow                              30. Foot machine 


$400area Gift

 yalu gift Longquan sword  pure brass rhinoceros. 

31. Longquan sword                                                           32.Longquan sword                                          33.pure brass rhinoceros.                           

 yalu gift 35 Lobular red sandalwood bracelet  yalu gift projector  yalu gift VR HD screen one machine

   34.brass Terracotta Warriors                                      35. Lobular red sandalwood bracelet                           36.projector               37.VR HD screen one machine 


$650area Gift


38. Colorful jade vase Decoration                  39. Colorful jade vase Decoration           40. Colorful jade vase Decoration               41. Colorful jade vase Decoration   


42. Colorful jade vase Decoration             43. Colorful jade vase Decoration      44. Colorful jade vase Decoration                 45. Colorful jade vase Decoration 

 37 VR HD screen one machine      OMRON home oxygen machine    

46. Colorful jade vase Decoration                       47. Brass pen holder                        48. OMRON home oxygen machine         49. brass desk decoration 

Lobular red sandalwood tripod

50. Lobular red sandalwood tripod


$1500area Gift

 Minelab GPX5000 Metal detector  OMRON oxygen machine   Raymut respirator Raymut respirator

51. Minelab GPX5000 Metal detector              52. OMRON oxygen machine             53. Raymut respirator                        54. Children amblyopia treatment

YALU GIFT 55 iPhone7 Plus

55.  iPhone7 Plus


Enjoying China Travel+Can choose any gift at gift area.

Or equal value $3000

1. If buy will have surprise gift.  

2. For order amount above 1000USD,If you don’t want choose the gifts, can change to the amount which same valued with the presented gifts.

    the amount can keep to next time deduct from order payment.  

3. Introduce friend and place order success. The same presented gift rules to the  introducer.

4. Gifts are send&dispatch together with client’s ordered items.

5. Promotions validity Time:Between 24th DEC.,2016~24th JAN.,2017. Which subject on the client payment arrive date.