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Wenzhou Yalu Electric Co., Ltd. is a  technology,industry and trade  integrated comprehensive enterprise.  After years of development, has a number of production plants. The products formed locks , motors, axial fans, instruments, outdoor lights five ranges. The production stability, technical maturity.who enjoyed a good reputation on the industry.

Locks production covers an area of 10 mu, six senior technical engineers, technical management staff more than 20 people, more than 300 production workers, monthly production capacity 500,000pcs.The products from the design, development, mold manufacturing, refining raw materials, die-casting molding, stamping , Precision manufacturing and processing, assembly line spraying, electroplating etc. surface treatment, metal stamping parts all made by ourself.  Therefore, we can self-control the products quality and delivery time.

Outdoor lights production covers an area of 57 mu, more than 30 technical engineers, more than 300 workers, monthly production capacity more than 6,000 sets .Our factory have several sets large-scale CNC bending machines, dual-position powder electrostatic spraying lines, Automatic cutting, submerged arc welding, gas welding, lathing, planing, drilling, bending, generating units, including three grade urban lights installed  qualifications.

Motor production with an annual output of various types of permanent magnet DC motor 8 million units of production capacity. The main products include leisure sports car motor, the elderly scooter motor, electric tricycle motor and electric vehicle drive system (motor, reducer and controller) etc.

       Our production concept: manufacturing high-quality products,escort the safety and convenience for user.

       Our corporate mission: Becomes a communication bridge of China and World. Transmit China Culture to every corner of the world.

       Our corporate values:

       1.In order to help our customers increase their market competitiveness, we should offer our quality product and favorable price as much as possible.

       2. Let business as simple as possible.

       3. We should never let the conflict which generating from profit center to obstruct our quality service for customers.

       4. Give customers a good, fair deal. Do not try to maximize the short-term profits at the expense of building those enduring relationships.

       5. Keep communicating with customers everyday. there is unnecessary for them to seek our competitors once customers establish connection with us.

       Our team: Own multi-languages and cultures team,have many years production and export experience. We know well about china market and culture,familiar with overseas market buyers demand habit. We  have a set of strictly procedures from the time of customer place the order until to get the products.

Our products have exporting to Europe, North America, Latin America, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Oceania,Africa etc. overseas markets,Its great praised and favored by our customers.

YALU People welcome your coming!